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Custom Exempt Processing

The Fatted Calf is a custom processing plant, meaning we only slaughter and process livestock for the exclusive use of the owner. Packages of custom-processed meat must be labeled “NOT FOR SALE." The “NOT FOR SALE” label is required because, by law, the meat cannot be sold, traded, bartered or given away.

How does custom exempt processing work?

When you purchase a beef on the hoof from a producer (ie: farmer/rancher), you are investing in a live animal. It is usually sold to you by what is called the hanging weight. Hanging weight is the weight of the carcass without the head, hide, hooves, fluids, and organs.

The producer will manage the feeding of the beef, and get it to us for processing. Your meat will be packaged and frozen for easy transport. Most producers prefer you to be responsible for covering the cost of the processing and will pay the plant directly. However, some will include that cost of processing with the cost of the animal so always check with your producer to see what they prefer.

Some things to know are:

  • Hanging weights will vary.

  • Each animal is unique in its capacity to finish.

  • Some will fill out more than others.

  • Your beef will be dry aged for fourteen days.

  • Your share of beef will be processed according to your specifications. (See our Next Steps page)

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