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Once you bring  your beef in to be to processed, we will get the hanging weight and that will be the basis for your cost. You will pay this at the time of pick up.


Please download and fill out the form below. This is what we will use to make sure your beef is cut to your specifications.

If this is your first time to order farmer direct, or have questions about the cuts, read below for detailed information. You can click on the following links to go directly to the different cuts we offer.

Round Steak     Steaks     Roasts     Prime Rib      Stew/Fajita Meat    


Ground Beef     Brats        Organ Meat      Speciality Cuts 


  • Download the appropriate version of the processing form

  • Save the file to your device and then open the form in order to use it

  • Fill it out

  • Save the completed form

  • Email it back to us at 

  • OR

  • Print it, scan it, or take a picture and text it to 405-541-0223 (scan works best)

  • For a complete pricing list, click HERE

The information found at the bottom of this page might be helpful when filling out the form,

especially if you have never ordered meat in this way before. 


Your beef will dry age for 14 days (average) after which it will move to the processing room. There it will be cut to your specifications. We will notify you when your meat goes in the freezer. Give it 24 hours to freeze and then you will need to pick it up within 48 hours of freezing or make arrangements with our staff for a pickup date. Because we are not a storage facility, meat sitting in our freezer more than 72 hours after notification will incur a $10/ day storage fee. After 30 days if there has been no communication, it becomes our property to do with as we see fit. 


The meat will be frozen and you are welcome to bring your own freezer bags and/or ice chests to transport your meat home. For a full beef, you will need about six medium to large ice chests.

As always, we will have trash bags and if available, boxes if you prefer.


**Please note: If you are having a 1/4 or less beef processed, you will only have the choice of how many pieces of each cut you want per package, whether you want 1 OR 2 pound packages of ground beef. It is too difficult to customize 1/2 of 1/2 or less beef per cut and do it fairly and accurately. Thank you for your understanding.**

For those who are getting a half or whole beef, when looking at the processing preferences form, you will see the following:



Vacuum sealing retains the freshness of the beef and helps prevent freezer burn. Meat sealed in this way can last up to five years.

Paper wrap is available at an additional charge. Please call if this is your preference.



This is a very large cut of meat from the animal's rump and hind leg. It is definitely not a steak good for grilling but is often used for fajita meat, steak fingers, etc. When it is run through a tenderizer, it is usually cut into small steaks (cube steaks) and used to make chicken fried steak (Oklahoma's favorite meal!)

Our standard cut is 1/2" thick, tenderized 3-4 times, and cut into 4oz - 6oz serving sizes. These tenderized portions are referred to as a Cube Steak and are often used for chicken fried steak or steak fingers but are also great for fajitas. Package it with the number of servings you would use for your family. There is a $3.00 per half additional charge for tenderizing the round steak.


No matter what kind of steak - ribeye, T-Bone, sirloin, etc. some people are very particular about their beef. That's the beauty of getting your own beef processed! You get it the way YOU like it. Our standard cut of steaks is at a full 1" thick. This gives us less steaks per pound of beef, but lets us sink our teeth deep into a juicy steak experience, just the way we like it. If you are ordering a 1/2 or whole beef and prefer your steaks more slender, you may choose a  3/4" thickness. That will give you a few more steaks than people like us. Or, you might prefer a small roast to throw on the grill and want your steaks 1-1/2" or thicker. It's your steak, so order it the way you like it. 

The Flank and Skirt steaks are new to some and old favorites to others. These steaks are more of a long flat piece of great beef that cooks up really well for street tacos, BBQ or other dishes where shredded meat is a main ingredient. If you haven't tried it, take a chance, you might just find it to be one of your favorites. 

Something to be aware of is that unless you are purchasing a half or whole beef, you cannot get a selection of every type of steak on the list. For example, T-bone steaks are the bone-in combination of the filet and the strip steak. So you would have to choose between T-bones OR filets and strips.

Universally recognized, the Beef T-Bone is considered one of the highest quality dinner table steaks.  Its distinctive 'T' shaped bone is nestled between two steaks each themselves prized cuts of beef.

There are two sides to each T-bone each containing a very different steak.  The larger and meatier steak is the Strip Steak whereas the smaller steak is the Fillet.  Each of these steaks are themselves prized in their own right for being quality dinner plate steaks.

To avoid any confusion both these steaks go by a number of different names:

Strip Steak – New-York Strip, Striploin

Fillet – Tenderloin, Eye Fillet, Fillet Mignon


These are your two premium cuts of meat but also the same cut of meat. Rib-eye roast still has the bone and prime rib does not. They are the most tender parts of the beef and the most sought-after.  We recommend googling how to cook it right if you are going to make it. (We also will give you a booklet from the OK Beef Council, Confident Cooking With Beef, which will educate you on how to cook certain cuts.) You can choose to have more of this if you love it and less of the ribeye steak. These cuts come from the same section of meat. If you don't like rib roast, you can have more steaks instead. 

Something to understand is that you cannot have prime rib, ribeye roast, AND ribeye steaks. Since they all come from the same portion of meat, you will have to choose one or the other - unless you are processing a full beef. Then, you can have half in the roasts or prime rib and half into ribeye steaks.

If you are only getting a 1/4 beef, there are no options for the prime rib or ribeye roast. You will just get your portion of the standard cut of ribeye steaks.


Are you a roast eater? If so, you are going to want to get a big portion of your beef in roasts. You get to choose which roasts you want. Do you want some or all available, or do you have a roast you prefer? You get to choose your combination. We cut most of our roasts so that they are boneless. If you want the bone left in them, you will need to specify that on your cutting order.

If you choose not to get all the available cuts of roast, they can be used as either stew meat or hamburger. The more roasts you get, the less hamburger you get and vs-vs. In fact, ANY cut of meat you choose to not utilize goes into grind, including steaks. Again, it's your beef, make it work for you.


These are simply chunks of meat that have been cut up for you. The more of these you have, the less big roasts and hamburger you will have. There is a .50/lb additional charge for cutting the stew meat for you.


Our standard ratio of meat to fat is 85/15 - 80/20. If you want something different, you will need to indicate that on your cutting order. Something to understand is that your meat to fat ratio is totally dependent upon the fattiness of your animal. If you have a very lean animal, we cannot add fat to it. You will get very lean ground beef. If you animal is very fat, we can reduce the amount of outside fat that goes into the ground beef, but it is impossible to give an exact ratio of meat to fat as we cannot remove marbling or inside fat.

Next, you get to choose if you want your ground beef in 1 or 2 lb. packages. We prefer you choose one or the other, not a combination of both. If you are not sure, then use 1lb packages and you can get out as many pounds as you like when you are ready to use it.

Third, you choose if you want to have hamburger patties pre-made for you. These come in 1/3-lb. or 1/4-lb. patties. Be sure to specify how many patties you want packaged together and what percentage of your ground beef you want processed this way.There is a .50/lb additional charge for making patties and a 20 pound minimum. 


Another option we just started is raw Brats.  

We offer four flavors:

     Cheesy Blue Ribbon - a great standard brat with Cheddar Cheese

     Cheesy Jalapeño Popper - a flavorful brat with a little kick of spice and Pepper Jack Cheese

     Philly Cheese - a delicious take on the Philly Cheese steak which includes bell peppers, onions, and

     Mozzarella Cheese

     Ghost Pepper - our Blue Ribbon flavor with Ghost Pepper Cheese. It's not as hot as you might think!

We make the brats 100% from your beef. As you can see, each of these do contain cheese but you can ask for us to leave the cheese out if you desire. These will be a great addition to your freezer when you have so much hamburger that you don't know what to do with it. The minimum order is 25 pounds and can be split between two flavors. That may sound like a lot,  but believe me, when you get the family together and everyone is eating at least two brats, they go very quickly. Each of the brats are 1/4 pound and we package them just like the grocery store, with 5/package or can put more per package if you desire. The cost is $3/pound. We hope that this will be an option that many of our customers will love and choose to make a part of their regular order. 



If you want the heart, liver, tongue, tail, or any other part, we will need to know that at the time your live animal is dropped off at our processing facility. These are harvested and processed the day of the slaughter, and will not be available after that.  

Just tell us if you want soup bones, broth bones, or some bones for your dog. We will be happy to stock you up.


There are some other cuts out there that some shops don't offer but you, the customer, want. We don't claim to know all of those cuts available, but some of the ones we do offer are the Delmonico, Denver, Chuck or Petite Tender,  Flatiron, Picanha Roast, and the Cowboy Cut Ribeye (shortened version of the Tomahawk). Keep reading for a short version of what these cuts are and where these cuts come from.

So the Chuck Roast is a very versatile cut of meat. You can keep it whole and cook it as a roast, or you can break it down and turn it into steaks. The beef chuck cut comes from the animal’s upper shoulder and lower neck. Steaks and roasts come from this area. Because the shape of the shoulder bone looks like a seven, chuck steaks are known as 7-bone steaks. Chuck roasts are somewhat fattier than cuts from other parts of the body.

Although chuck meat is not one of the more expensive cuts, cooking it right can make it among the tenderest.

Beef chuck meat cuts include:​

  • Delmonico – Much like a ribeye steak, but cheaper. A low-cost alternative to the Rib Eye Steak. A tender and savory cut great for grilling. Steaks cut from the Rib end only of the Chuck Eye Roll.

  • Denver steak – Cut from the serratus ventralis muscle, a muscle beneath the shoulder blade that doesn’t get much use. That makes this steak particularly tender.

  • Flat iron steak – Only tenderloin steak exceeds this sub-primal cut in tenderness.

  • Chuck tender – Also known as petite  tender. Marinate before cooking.

Another cut rising in popularity is the Picanha. Some people make steaks from this cut, while others want it left as a roast. Picanha is a cut of beef that comes from the rump cap muscle. It looks very similar to a KC or NY Strip steak but needs to be cooked a little more slowly. 

Finally, the Cowboy Cut Ribeye is just the Ribeye with the rib bone left long and cleaned. Cut this way, the steak has to be left at a whopping 2" thick, making it more like a roast than a steak. It is similar to the Tomahawk (Fred Flinstone steak) but with a shortened, more manageable handle bone. Because of the thickness, you get half the number of steaks but they look very impressive on your grill.

Prime Rib
Ground Beef
Organ Meat


SAMPLE Full beef cutting instructions.jpg

Here is a breakdown of what you might expect, based on this sample form.

Pecos will receive the following in vacuum sealed bags from his WHOLE beef:

  • 10 pkgs tenderized cube steak, 4 servings/ package.

  • 1" thick Top Sirloin steak

  • 1" thick Ribeye steak, 2/package

  • 1" thick T-Bone steak, 2/ package

  • 12  boneless Chuck roasts

  • 6 Arm roasts

  • 2 Tri-tip roasts

  • 2 Briskets, cut in half

  • 80% of ground beef as 2lb. packages

  • 20% of ground beef as 1/3 lb. hamburger patties, 6/ package

  • Some short ribs

Exact amounts of each cut will vary depending on portion ordered and hanging weight of beef.

Click HERE to view or download a PDF with our current pricing.

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