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We currently offer brats as an option when you process your custom order. This will remain an option on the cutting sheet, but because of the popular demand for our brats, we are now licensed to sell them by the package. 


This means you are able to come get Fatted Calf brats for your grill, even if you don't have a beef to be processed.


The brats are made of beef grown by Nicolai Farms, and inspected to meet all health and safety requirements.   



Our brats are vacuum sealed and come in packages of five. The average package weighs 1.25lbs. 

We offer four flavors, that can be purchased by the package: Cheesy Blue Ribbon, Cheesy Jalapeño Popper, Ghost Pepper and Philly Cheese Steak. You can order a mix of flavors, or just choose one. (One flavor / package of five) 

PRICING (sales tax included): 

1-10 Packages -  $10.00 ea.

11-15 Packages - $9.75 ea. 

16-20 Packages - $9.00 ea. 

Call for pricing if ordering more than 20 Packages


To purchase brats, call us to place your order and check availability.

We will pull it and have it ready for you to pick up at our processing facility.


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