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Beef Breakdown - Cuts

You may have calculated the boxed weight you expect to receive from your beef, but what do you actually get? What cuts can you expect to take home?

Below is an estimate of how much meat you might expect when placing an order for a whole beef. If you purchase a half beef, divide these estimates by two. If you purchased a quarter beef, divide these estimates by four. Keep in mind that these numbers vary based on the total hanging weight of the beef that you have purchased and how you have your meat processed.


Cut of beef -- quantity to expect


Round Steak/Chicken Frys -- 60  4-6oz servings

Top Sirloin Steak  1" -- 12


Ribeye Steak  1" -- 28-32

T-bone Steak  1" -- 28-32

Flank Steak -- 2

Skirt Steak -- 2

Chuck Roast  2" -- 12

Arm Roast  2" -- 6

Sirloin Tip Roast  2" -- 6

Rump Roast -- 4

Pikes Peak Roast -- 2

Tri-Tip Roast -- 2

Brisket -- 2

Short Ribs -- 2-4 slabs

Ground Beef -- +- 120 lbs.

We will send you a form so that you may specify how you would like your beef processed. By that, we mean how thick you want your steaks cut. How many steaks to a package? Do you want your hamburger in 1# or 2# packages? Etc... We have included an explanation of how to fill out the form on that same link.

**Please note: If you are having a 1/4 or less beef processed, you will only have the choice of how many pieces of each cut you want per package, whether you want 1 OR 2 pound packages of ground beef. It is too difficult to customize 1/2 of 1/2 or less beef per cut and do it accurately. Thank you for your understanding.**

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